G9SE Safety Relay

Omron G9SE Compact Safety Relay Unit

Omron G9SE Safety RelayThe Omron G9SE series of compact safety relays offer a standalone approach for safety applications.

Slim design and terminal layout minimize installation space.

Screwless terminals reduce wiring efforts and fast diagnostics with highly visible indicators. Supports a variety of standalone safety applications with 4 available models. Contact or PNP inputs supported.

Ultra Slim Size: 17.5mm and 22.5mm models available – the thinnest safety relay unit in the industry.

Screwless terminals: Save time and effort by offering better visibility when making connections. No connection problems caused by shock and vibration.

LED status indicators: When the G9SE detects an error such as a short circuit or a broken wire, the indicators will signal where the error has occurred. This minimizes downtime to help identify the cause when equipment stops.

Features and benefits

  • Accepts contact and PNP input types from external safety devices
  • Highly visible LED indicators provide fast diagnostic information
  • Screw less terminals are clearly labeled for quick wiring
  • Adjustable off-delay model adds flexibility for fine tuning
  • Slim design for tight/small installation spaces
  • Auxiliary output for control monitoring


Shrink Wrap Machine – Packaging Line: The Omron G9SE monitors an E-Stop safety function according to EN ISO 13850. Once the E-Stop is pressed the G9SE will immediately bring the machine to the safe state by quickly transmitting a signal between the safety components.

Escalator / Elevator: The G9SE fulfil the requirements for EN 81-1 and EN 81-2 which is needed to cover the lift, elevator and escalator applications

3 different models of the G9SE are available to meet your safety application requirements. These models provide options for different safety output configurations and adjustable OFF-delay times. All models are compatible with a variety of safety devices such as E-stops, door switches and opto sensors.

Compact safety relay units for general safety monitoring applications

G9SE-family offers a complete line-up of compact units. Modules with two safety contacts, four safety contacts and OFF-delay timing are available on slim-size housing.

  • Simple front side wiring using screw-less terminals.
  • 17.5 or 22.5 mm width to save mounting space
  • 15 ms max. response time
  • Safe OFF delay function up to PLe
  • Easy maintenance with status indicators
  • Approved standards: EN ISO13849-1: 2008 PLe Safety Category 4, IEC/EN 60947-5-1, IEC/EN 62061 SIL3, EN 81-1, EN81-2, UL508, CAN/CSA C22.2 No.14

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